Preserve Your Architecture & Art with Custom Powder Coating

Mile High Powder Coating has enabled countless Colorado locals to revive and reimagine their prized possessions, whether that means a custom color coating on truck rims, a refinished patio set, or a perfectly preserved architectural piece. With Mile High’s Denver experts on the job, you can rest easy knowing that your esteemed art & architecture will be restored and preserved with unrivaled finesse.

Stair rails with silver powder coating at top of stairs

Vast curing oven

Our Denver production facility is home to one of largest curing ovens in Colorado, measuring a whopping 6’ wide, 9’ tall, and 26’ long. This vast piece of equipment enables our team to create custom powder coating projects that work in the industrial, commercial, and architectural world. We’ve coated industrial equipment, spiral staircases, metal car frames, and even Colorado State University’s famous Comatose Cannon. With Mile High’s custom powder coating oven, the sky’s the limit.

Spiral Staircase - before and after powder coating

Spiral Staircase – before and after powder coating

Time-tested thickness

Our team sets a new precedent for custom powder coating thickness, beating out the factory standard. All of our custom powder coatings are applied by hand, ensuring complete covering and sealing of your art or architectural pieces with a method no factory can match. And, our Denver team can provide in-house stripping of your pieces to prepare for their custom coating, giving you the flexibility of a one-stop-shop with the reputation of a tried-and-true facility.

Pine Gate - architectural powder coating


The thickness of our architectural powder coating and other custom powder coating options delivers unrivaled durability and longevity. Once your art piece or architectural extrusion is completely coated and cured with our dimensional pigment, your new custom coated item becomes resistant to scratches, corrosion, and damage due to excessive sun, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

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Industrial equipment before and after powder coating

Industrial equipment before and after powder coating

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Custom color matching

Mile High is equipped with over 6,500 Prismatic Colors at our Denver facility, along with an assortment of Cardinal Industrial Finishes and Sherwin Williams Powdera® Coatings. And, when you bring in your special architectural or art piece to our shop, we’ll take the time to color match your item precisely and thoroughly, capturing any and all undertones, textures, and hues. That way, you can choose to either revive your piece’s original color scheme, opt for something new and bold, or find a balanced mix between the two.

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Clear coat specialists

We’re not only experts on custom color matching for your architectural powder coating, but clear coating as well. If you’ve recently wrapped up a new art installation, or don’t want to lose the dimension and novelty of your piece’s original finish, our technical experts can evenly apply a glossy clear coat to your architectural powder coating that evades contamination, thanks to our “Ultra Pure” clear coat oven.

Thorough inspection & testing

Our Quality Assurance division is an invaluable part of our custom powder coating process, ensuring that all new pieces pass a rigorous set of tests and procedures. Our dedicated environmental simulation and analysis equipment evaluates all new architectural powder coatings and custom projects on a variety of possible factors. We test each new custom powder coating piece for salt spray, humidity resistance, freezing & thawing, and any possible product malfunctions or failures, upholding our standards of quality, protection, and reliability.

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Ready to perfectly preserve your art & architecture?
Contact Mile High Powder Coating.

We hold the highest warranty policy on custom powder coating in the area, with 5 years on all coating. And, our proven expertise enables our team to powder coat virtually any metal object under the sun. You name it, we can coat it. From large industrial objects to custom hot rods, patio furniture, art sculptures, and beyond, Mile High Powder Coating has you covered.

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