Mile High Powder Coating: Taking Finish Quality To The Next Level

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Bill and I’m the Operations Director of Mile High Powder Coating. Here at Mile High Powder Coating we have spent years defining quality powder coating for our many loyal Colorado customers. We have always been the leaders in our industry where we are often copied but never equaled.

Because of our commitment to innovation and quality we are the only powder coating company that warrants our finish and workmanship for 5 years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have long been considered the go-to guys when other finishers fail.

We have a talented group of employees with the extensive experience that you’re looking for regardless of your projects complexity. Most of my employees have been with me for many years and know how to do the job right the first time.

We don’t believe in shortcuts either and will spend time educating you why Mile High Powder Coating takes finishes to another level of quality. We invest not only in our employee’s workmanship and training but we use the latest in spray and inspection technology from Germany and Sweden providing pristine finishes that are extremely durable. We follow Military Standards in our quality inspection where parts are inspected a minimum of 5 times during the cleaning and coating process.

We treat customers and their products with the utmost care and professionalism. We offer a number of services with one thought in mind, to make your experience with Mile High Powder Coating a great one where you won’t hesitate to recommend us to others.

Our additional services we can provide are:

  • pickup and delivery,
  • welding,
  • restoration of material defects,
  • chemical and thermal stripping,
  • sand blasting, and
  • light fabrication such as drilling or milling holes.

We aim to be a one stop shop for your project needs.

This year Mile High Powder Coating will further expand our list of services by providing Laser engraving, environmental simulation testing, and our new POWDERPRO™ program.

Our new commercial laser has the ability to burn intricate patterns in powder coated products. We see automotive rims and product identification fully utilizing this new service.

Our environmental simulation testing equipment can now accelerate corrosion and thermal cycling for customers who want that ultimate guarantee of coating performance and longevity.

Our POWDERPRO™ program is geared toward our business and contractor base where we have numerous perks that are geared toward members of this program.

We have added these new capabilities to lead our industry and provide unparalleled service and quality that you’ve come to expect from Mile High Powder Coating. Let us take you to the next quality finish level.

Environmental Simulation Testing

Video Transcription

New for Mile High Powder Coating’s service arsenal is environmental coating testing.

For customers that want added reassurance of long term durability, or this testing is required by THEIR customers, we can subject your parts or test coupon to corrosion and thermal cycling testing.

These tests mimic real world salt corrosion and resistance to freeze thaw cycles for our coatings and your products. Our processes follow ASTM B117 and MILSTD810D protocols which simulate the adverse environmental conditions a product may be exposed to but at an accelerated rate.

By performing these test we can identify potential coating issues prior to production runs or product failures in the field both of which can be costly in dollars and to your reputation and ours. Testing is normally completed in just a few days and can be provided at a very nominal rate which is much less than traditional testing laboratories and provides “one stop shopping” for testing and coating services.

Mile High Powder Coating is committed to excellence in coating and testing services while taking you to a new level of confidence and trust that your product is ready for real world touch environments.

Our Corrosion Chamber applies a salt fog at 140f over several days of testing with varying degrees of humidity. At the end or testing we provide a written test analysis report which allows you to make changes to the coatings if needed with the help of Mile High Powder Coatings expertise. At the end or testing we provide a written test analysis report which allows you to make changes to the coatings with the help of Mile High Powder Coatings expertise.

To further complement our testing capabilities we have added a Freeze/Thaw/Humidity Thermal Cycling Chamber. The chamber provides low/high temperature environmental cycle testing with the addition of varying humidity. Much the same as corrosive testing, you want to ensure that your products can withstand the exposure to certain environmental temperature/humidity extremes. Our environmental chamber has a programmable temperature range from -35F to +395F degrees and the ability to generate 20% to 98% relative humidity (RH). We can perform testing to the MILSTD810D or to customer supplied criteria and can even supply power to your product to cycle it during testing. Much the same as corrosion testing we provide a written test analysis report which allows you to make changes to your coating selection if needed with the help of Mile High Powder Coatings expertise.

Visit our Environmental Simulation Testing page for more information.

Laser Marking and Engraving Services

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New for Mile High Powder Coating and our customers is our new industrial laser engraver. Now we can offer this service for customers who need serialization, logo placement, artistic designs and many more uses we haven’t even realized yet.

We see the laser forging new ground with our ability to customize automotive rims with spectacular results elevating even more our reputation for automotive product powder coating. We simply powder coat your product as usual but now we can add incredible flair to the rim or your product by lasering off the powder coat layer exposing the substrate material. With chrome rims this effect is nothing short of stunning.

We can also mark just about any material from plastic, to wood but we bought the machine to primarily do automotive part customization.

Designs are either customer generated or you can pick from stock canned designs.

We want to let the machine do the talking on this video so 20-30 seconds showing the machine working and then removing the rim and finally showing it for a glory shot. This new capability further defines Mile High Powder Coating innovation and commitment to provide our customers with unparalleled capability and service. We take your Finish Quality to the Next Level.

Visit our Laser Marking and Engraving Services page for more information.