Metal Restoration & Refinishing for Denver, CO

Repair • Restore • Refinish • Renew

Bring us your rusty, scratched, or peeling metal items and we can work to bring the original look of the product back, prior to powder coating.

Refinished Antique Patio ChairDenver-area Metal Restoration and Refinishing – Patio Furniture Restoration, Automotive Refinishing, and Commercial Furniture / Fixture Refurbish.

Protect and preserve your vintage treasures.

Repair your metal gates and railings and restore them to a beautiful appearance that will last for years. Refinish rusty or faded patio and garden furniture to “like new” at a fraction of the cost.

Powder coat old rims. Give a rusted auto body a smooth surface and a “better than factory finish”. Extend the useful life of metal office chairs, tables and other metal furniture.

Bring us your rusty, scratched, or peeling metal items and we can work to “bring the original look of the product back, prior to powder coating“.

Our restoration procession starts with sandblasting, followed by surface repair and restoration, and finally powder coating in the color and finish of your choice.

1. Sandblasting

Sandblasting removes the old finish as well corrosion, dust and other imperfections leaving a clean, smooth surface ready for pretreatment and powder coating. Mile High Powder Coating has in-house sandblasting capabilities, allowing us to expedite the restoration process.

2. Repair and Restoration

All metal repair work is performed by our in-house welding and fabrication services. We can address surface defects and repair / weld non-structural broken parts such as railing or broken arms on metal furniture.

We offer:

  • non-structural repairs including welding (MIG, and more importantly TIG),
  • dent filling with metalic high temp filler for surface imperfections (rims, automotive parts, and investment castings),
  • rust removal via sandblasting,
  • buffing out scuffs and marks on auto rims

3. Powder Coating

Refinishing a classic car with powder coatingFinally we refinish your product with the powder coating of your choice. Powder coating is a environmentally friendly dry finishing process that produces a finish that looks like a 2 coat paint job but is much tougher and longer-lasting. Choose from our in-stock powder coating colors for lowest cost and fastest turnaround.  Learn more about Powder Coating Services >>

Contact us to learn more about our metal restoration and refinishing services or request a quote online ; please upload a photo to help us assess the nature of your restoration. You can also bring your project in during regular office hours any time for a free estimate – walk-ins welcome!

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A Better Than Factory Finish


As with our powder coating service, we don’t do assembly. Anything you want to bring in for restoration and refinishing needs to be brought in disassembled – as component metal parts – ready for welding or metal filling and powder coating.

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