Inspection & Quality Control

“Setting the Standard for Quality”


Quality is what Mile High Powder Coating has been about since day one; it is central to what we do and how we are able to offer the best powder coat warranty in the greater Denver area.

Our commitment to quality and ongoing improvement has allowed us to upgrade our equipment and testing methods to better meet the needs of our customers, including adding new comprehensive environmental testing capabilities.

Dedicated QC Manager

We have a dedicated QC Manager and our most experienced staff is cross-trained for both production and quality control. This fosters greater quality awareness and affords Mile High a buffer when there are fluctuations in production volume.

Digital Equipment Control

Our ovens are digitally controlled for time and temperature accuracy.

All of our processing chemicals and equipment are periodically checked by third parties to validate that they perform as expected and meet the highest industry standards.

In-House Inspection And QC Testing

Inbound parts are visually inspected prior to processing to confirm there are no defects that will affect powder coating or the quality of the finished product.

Each and every part is inspected multiple times during the powder coating process to ensure total customer satisfaction.

We perform the following analysis and testing to industry standards to assure quality:

  • cured film thickness measurement as per ASTM D7091
  • adhesion testing by tape test to ASTM D3359
  • cross-cut adhesion testing to ISO 2409 (when specified by customer requirements)
  • MEK Solvent Rub Test as per ASTM D1308 (when specified by customer requirements)
  • in-house salt spray testing to ASTM B117 (when specified by customer requirements)

In this way we are able to deliver consistent, high quality results and our characteristic better-than-factory finish.

When Quality counts, you can count on Mile High Powder Coating to take you to the next level.

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Inspection before powder coating
Powder coat finish inspection
QC solvent rub test at MHPC
Inspection in QC area at Mile High Powder Coating