Expedited Service And Volume Pricing Discounts For Business

At Mile High Powder Coating, we understand the needs of business customers. All our customers put a premium on quality and we deliver … but business customers often have high volume powder coating needs as well as production and turnaround time constraints to contend with. If you regularly need powder coating services for your metal products, weldments, architectural components, auto parts, railings etc., you should consider signing up for our new POWDERPRO ™ program.

As a POWDERPRO ™ customer, you will gain expedited service and volume pricing discounts based on annual powder coating purchases. We have worked to streamline our processes and improve service to you – from expediting your powder coating jobs to getting accurate quotes quickly and easily.

POWDERPRO ™ Program Benefits

  • Faster Quotes
  • Expedited Service
  • Multi-Tier Volume Pricing Discount based on Annual Purchases
  • Express Customer Care
  • Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Discounted Environmental Testing

Your Competitive Advantage

Think of POWDERPRO ™ as “Business Class” for powder coating services, expressly designed to meet the operational needs of higher volume customers.

FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES: We are well aware of competition in the Denver market – we deal with that every day. POWDERPRO ™ makes you more competitive, not only because of the volume pricing discount we offer but through enabling you to deliver a better turnaround time and level of service to your customers.

FOR LARGER OPERATIONS:  We believe a consistent, quality powder coating partner can help set your products apart from the competition. Our in-house environmental testing capabilities set us apart by saving you time and money while providing you with the “next level” of quality assurance for your products and performance for your customers. Timeliness and communication are also important, especially if you have operational and scheduling constraints (JIT, LEAN Manufacturing, etc.). We will go the extra mile to help you meet your production targets, and deliver your flawlessly finished products or components – in spec, on budget and on time.

POWDERPRO ™ service is a competitive advantage that can help get you to the next level.

Save On Every Job

When you need quality powder coating and timely delivery, you can count on Mile High Powder Coating.   Get fast, reliable quotes and expedited service. Save on every job. Let Mile High Powder Coating’s POWDERPRO ™ service help take you to the next level – sign up for our POWDERPRO ™ program today. We look forward to working with you!

Ready for the Next Level? Get a Free Consultation Ready for the Next Level? Get a Free Consultation

How to Qualify

If you do at least $2,500/ year in powder coating, you can qualify for our POWDERPRO ™ Program.

The program is open to:

  • Manufacturers
  • OEMs
  • Fabricator / Machine Shops
  • Hot Rod / Auto Shops
  • Construction Companies
  • Commercial Enterprises
  • Contractors … and more.

How To Apply

  1. Simply fill out your POWDERPRO ™ application online here.
  2. A Mile High Powder Coating customer service rep will contact you by phone or email (your choice) to complete the process.
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