Architectural Powder Coating for Denver, CO


When you need a beautiful, lasting finish

Powder coating services for commercial, residential, institutional, and government buildings and building components in metro Denver.

Metal architectural components need to combine functionality with design and performance with aesthetics. When quality, durability, and appearance are important, powder coating is the answer. A powder coated finish is both weather-resistant and decorative, offering superior outdoor durability, gloss retention and resistance to fading. Powder coating can be used for everything from aluminum extrusions (windows, doors, door frames) to gates and railings to building facades and fixtures as long as it has a metallic base.

Architectural Powder Coating Collage

At Mile High Powder Coating, we take pride in delivering your architectural extrusions, railings, panels, and metal staircases back to you with a flawless powder coat finish. We pay attention to detail and inspect every finished piece to ensure total customer satisfaction. We have in-house quality control and environmental testing (if needed) to ensure your quality standards are consistently met. Our combination of pre-treatment, powder application, curing, and quality control ensure a beautiful, uniform powder coat finish that will stand the test of time. We welcome customers with high expectations for a top quality powder coated finish and stand by our work with Denver’s best powder coating warranty.

  • Architectural Extrusions
  • Exterior Panels
  • Beams
  • Supports
  • Enclosures
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Fencing
  • Stairs
  • Metal doors & frames
  • Signage
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Large Weldments
  • Artistic Figurines/Sculpture
  • Truss Plates/Supports

Large Dimension / Long Length Objects

We have one of the largest ovens in Colorado measuring 6’ wide x 9’ tall and 26’ long giving us the capacity to cure large extrusions, assemblies, and architectural elements including gates, beams, enclosures, and staircases. We can powder coat steel, aluminum, wrought iron, or other metals. We work to your specifications and tailor powder coating to fulfil your architectural requirements.

Spiral Staircase - before and after powder coating

Consistent, High Quality Finishes

We have in-house quality control and environmental simulation testing (if needed) to ensure your quality standards are consistently met … and we guarantee a beautiful, durable finish that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.


Mile High Powder Coating is proud to introduce our new POWDERPRO program. As a POWDERPRO customer, you will gain expedited service and volume pricing discounts based on annual powder coating purchases. Get fast reliable quotes and a faster turnaround.  Save on every job.


A Working Relationship That Works

We value relationships with all our customers, take pride in our customer service, and stand by our work with the best warranty in the greater Denver area. When you need quality architectural powder coating and a beautiful, lasting finish, you can count on Mile High Powder Coating to take you to the next level.

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“McClure Concrete Inc, greatly appreciates the high quality service we receive from Mile High Powder Coating. All of the products we have created and then taken to get powder coated with Mile High Powder Coating have become an exceptional novelty among our builders and home owners. People really love the quality powder coating adds to a product, that at one point was very plain and went un-noticed. Thank you Mile High Powder Coating for giving us quality customer service, outstanding workmanship and as always, vibrant beautiful powder coating time and time again.”

Tim Wood, Area Supervisor

McClure Concrete Inc.
McClure Concrete Inc., Aurora, Colorado

Christy Sports – Patio Furniture, Lakewood, Colorado

Powder Coat Color Chart
Storefront with powder coated metal elements

Why Choose Mile High?

  • Reputation and Expertise
  • The Latest Spray Technology
  • Masking Options
  • Parts inspected a minimum of 5 times
  • A Better Than Factory Finish
  • Clear Coat Experts
  • Timely Completion
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Denver’s Best Powder Coat Warranty
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