Fabrication & Welding

A Value Add Service for Customers

Did you know that we can fill metal surfaces, do non-structural welding repairs, and drill holes or slots for your project along with powder coating?

Mile High Powder Coating has in-house fabrication, welding and repair capabilities. We do welding and repair on a case by case basis and offer this as value-add service in conjunction with powder coating. Our customers are often grateful we can do this additional repair work for them as it is sometimes difficult to find skilled people to do such repairs on short notice. Being able to offer this service in-house simplifies the process for customers … and cuts overall turnaround time.

If you need welding or repair, you can add this to your online quote request for powder coating, along with a photo.

Example Projects

Our Equipment / Capabilities

  • TIG and MIG welding (ferrous and non-ferrous welding)
  • Bridgeport Milling Center (drilling or milling precision holes or slots)
  • Radial/belt sanders (contour sanding)
  • High Temperature Metal Filler (used to fill damage surfaces prior to powder coating)
  • Cut Off Saws both abrasive and band (steel and non-ferrous materials)

We specialize in TIG process welding for non-ferrous materials (aluminum, stainless steel) – it’s clean, more precise, and aesthetically pleasing.

Contact us to learn more about our fabrication and welding as well as metal restoration and refinishing services. You can also request a quote online ; please upload a photo to help us assess the damage to be repaired.

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Fabrication and Welding Services
In-house fabrication - drilling of holes and slots


As with our powder coating service, we don’t do assembly. Anything you want to bring in for repair and refinishing needs to be brought in disassembled – as component metal parts – ready for welding or metal filling and powder coating.