Outdoor Equipment & Technology Powder Coating for Denver, CO

When you need to know your product finish will withstand the elements

High performance powder coating for outdoor hardware technology products,alternative energy structures, and outdoor equipment.

You make rugged outdoor equipment and technology products that need to withstand the elements – extreme temperatures, rain, snow, hail, ice, and ultraviolet rays – outdoor hardware and technology alternative energy structures, or outdoor gear. You could be a tech start-up or a long-established company. Either way, you need superior powder coating you can count on to not only make your products look good but withstand the elements, support your warranties, and deliver on your brand promise.

Outdoor technology uses powder coating

At Mile High Powder Coating, we have the quality orientation, environmental testing capabilities and expertise to meet your powder coating needs. We are a knowledgeable partner that can work to your specifications. We have the experience and capabilities to apply the powder coatings you need, including specialty powder coatings.

We guarantee a lasting powder coating finish you can count on to withstand the elements and maintain its appearance over time. Thorough pre-treatment combined with skilled powder coaters, digitally controlled curing, and extensive in-house Quality and Analytical Lab Services enable us to consistently achieve surface coatings with a superior bonding/corrosion resistance and a flawless finish that will meet if not exceed your customer expectations. We have a lot of experience powder coating outdoor products with industry-leading warranties and after many years in business, we are STILL offering the Denver area’s longest powder coating warranty.

Large Capacity, Large Dimension / Long Length Objects

Mile High Powder Coating has proven expertise with powder coating high volume parts or components – one part or a million, we can it. We also have one of the largest ovens in Colorado measuring 6’ wide x 9’ tall and 27’ long, giving us the capacity to cure large objects such as solar panel bases, large weldments, and long railing sections. We can powder coat all ferrous and nonferrous materials including steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass or other metals. We can also powder coat glass.

On-Site QC And Environmental Simulation Testing

We work to your specifications and can tailor powder coating to fulfill your requirements. Parts are inspected multiple times during the powder coating process to ensure a consistent, high quality finish.

For added reassurance of long term durability we can subject your parts or test coupon to environmental simulation testing. We are fully equipped to do salt-spray and thermal / humidity testing in-house. These tests, when requested by the customer, check corrosion resistance and resistance to freeze thaw cycles for coatings.

Rust Never Sleeps


Timely Delivery

In today’s competitive world of just-in-time delivery and tight profit margins, a dependable powder coating partner can mean the difference between delivering on time and missing your window of opportunity. We are a reliable partner who will keep the communication channels open and can go the extra mile to help you meet your production targets, and deliver your finished products, on budget and on time.


Mile High Powder Coating is proud to introduce our new POWDERPRO program. As a POWDERPRO customer, you will gain expedited service and volume pricing discounts based on annual powder coating purchases. Get fast reliable quotes and a faster turnaround.  Save on every job.


A Working Relationship That Works

At Mile High Powder Coating, we value relationships with all our customers and are as committed to your success and product quality as we are our own. We have invested in upgrading our operation and are continually looking to improve our processes, expand our capabilities, and improve our level of customer service. We value innovation and can work with you to problem-solve new challenges.

We have the knowledge and experience to consistently deliver a long lasting and durable powder coating finish with superior bonding and corrosion resistance. When quality counts and you need a reliable powder coating partner who can deliver the high performance powder coat finish your product requires, you can count on Mile High Powder Coating to take you to the next level.

Visit our POWDERPRO ™ program page to learn more about volume discounts and expedited service for business customers.

Contact us to learn more about our powder coating services and environmental testing capabilities for outdoor equipment and technology companies.

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Why Choosing Mile High?

  • Reputation and Expertise
  • The Latest Spray Technology
  • Masking Options
  • Parts inspected a minimum of 5 times
  • A Better Than Factory Finish
  • Clear Coat Experts
  • Timely Completion
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Denver’s Best Powder Coat Warranty
Parking lights shown are powder coated
Powder coating for outdoor and surveillance cameras, technology
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Outdoor Technology
  • Outdoor Camera / optical housings
  • Alternative Energy Panels & Structures
  • Solar Panel Bases
  • Outdoor Gear
  • Extreme Sports Equipment
  • Camping and Survival Gear
  • All Weather Recreation Equipment
Powder coating for alternative energy structures
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