5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Powder Coated Wheels & Bumpers On Your Car

Mile High Powder Coating in Denver, CO

Powder coated wheels and bumpers continue to be a sought-after custom modification for car enthusiasts everywhere. But why is this product so popular? Read on to discover why drivers are choosing this refinishing option.

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1. It protects your car

If you’re anything like us, your car isn’t just a tool for transportation, but an expression of who you are. You’ve invested your hard-earned dollars into choosing the perfect vehicle for your life and taste. We want that investment to be protected. Mile High’s powder coating acts as armor for your vehicle, creating a shield of protection that repels dirt, debris, and daily wear-and-tear. Taking the protective nature a step further, your powder coated wheels help to prevent corrosion, heat scratches, chemical damage from brake fluid, and more.

2. It reduces costs & increases value

Mile High’s powder coating costs are competitive within the marketplace, allowing you to get the highest quality of coating with the best price. On top of the up-front costs, the ironclad protection of your powder coating saves you even more by eliminating the need for constant repairs and upkeep. And, your powder coated bumpers and wheels elevate your car’s overall look and appeal, allowing you to increase its value when selling or trading.

3. It can be customized like none other

Mile High Powder Coating creates a better-than-factory finish not only due to its quality and value, but because of the vast customization options available. Mile High can create powder coated wheels or bumpers in nearly every color and finish, including satin, flat, high gloss, metallic, wrinkle, and glitter finishes.

Using Prismatic Powders, we offer more than 6,500 different finishes, with custom color matching available from our time-tested experts.

Offering every color imaginable, including hard-to-find transparent and candy colors, Mile High elevates the customization even further with laser marking and engraving services available.

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4. It can applied on virtually every metal car part

Beyond powder coated bumpers or wheels, our experts can apply powder coating to virtually any car or motorsport part. Keep the sleek look of your new powder coated wheels and bumpers going with a completely custom modification. Add a slick powder coating to axel housings, coil springs, drive shafts, truck beds, nerf bars, exterior trims, and even engine components.

If it’s made of metal and you can strip it down to bring it in, we can powder coat it.

5. It comes with the best warranty in town

Mile High Powder Coating offers the longest and most inclusive coating warranty in Denver. With 5 years of protection against powder coating adhesion or failure due to defects in workmanship, we are proud to stand behind our work, and repair as needed. If your powder coated wheels or powder coated bumpers do hit a bump along the road, our team will re-coat your car with precise attention-to-detail and complete covering.

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Mile High Powder Coating is a trusted provider of powder coating finishes on cars, patio furniture, motorcycles, and beyond. You name it, we’ll coat it.

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